Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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Intelligent Bottle and Material Sorters

presortersPalace Packaging sorters are engineered to guide all types of bottles and materials into orderly lanes for downline processing. Their proven efficiency enables them to sort up to 60,000 units/hour. Sensors help the system to differentiate between height, shape, color and design to ensure the proper exit alignment.  Units that fail to meet the predefined sorting criteria can be automatically channeled out by our discharge system.

Our rigorous design and testing process ensures optimum sorting results and maximum system efficiency.  By comparing each bottle against the features of the "ideal" type, our sorters can quickly detect flaws and handle rejection without interrupting the consistency and speed of the line flow.

Palace Packaging sorters are:

  • Compact and flexible
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Equipped with high-resolution camera lenses
  • Easily integrated into existing systems

If you're searching for a tested and proven custom sorting system that is easy to integrate, operate and maintain, contact Palace Packaging today at 610-873-7252. We're ready to design a sorter that will meet your needs and deliver years of efficient results.