Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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Rugged Gaylord Tilt Dumpers

Gaylord DumperPalace Packaging Gaylord tilt dumpers (also known as tote dumpers, box dumpers, bin dumpers), allow for convenient uploading with any hand-operated pallet jack. In addition, their solid all-welded steel construction ensures rugged performance for direct loading from a forklift.

Safety features include:

  • An internally mounted screw-jack
  • Side rail guards
  • Floor hold-down brackets
  • An adjustable hold-down bar 

Because our units are all electric, Palace dumpers contain no hydraulics or compressed air components to maintain. Whether you're in need of a simple container dumper or a completely automated lift-and-dump container system, Palace Packaging can help. Contact us today at 610-873-7252.