Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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High-Speed Rotary & Centrifugal Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Palace Packaging Bowl Feeder

Palace Packaging rotary and centrifugal bowl assemblies allow for higher speed outputs than comparable vibratory bowls. They can handle, feed and orient components and parts in a wide variety of styles and sizes from nearly any industry (jars, bottles, scoops, dosage cups, caps, lids, etc.). They can even be configured to manage the separation of similar or dissimilar parts from production parts, checking for everything from thread presence to part length and diameter, to out-of-tolerance parts.

Because our bowls are rim-driven from underneath, tooling and orienting devices are able to come up from beneath on the inside of the bowl (spindle-driven bowls can't do this). In addition, because all tooling is mounted from overhead to accommodate change parts, our bowl feeders allow for the feeding of multiple items.

Designed to be efficient and maintenance-free, these units are easily set up and made ready for operation. From their initial installation, Palace vibratory bowl feeders are guaranteed to deliver a consistent and accurate metering of components into your production machinery. 

Depending on your individual needs, our vibratory bowl feeders can be built to specification to include:

  • Automatic part metering 
  • Standard and custom control sensors 
  • Vibratory hoppers and bulk elevators for bulk storage of parts
  • Vibratory tracks and belt conveyors for transfer and storage of oriented parts
  • Component isolation mechanisms to isolate assembly parts
  • Baseplate and table mounts for turn-key installation

Palace Packaging has the experience and expertise to produce the ideal vibratory part handling equipment and systems to meet your automation goals. Contact us today at 610-873-7252 to speak with one of our knowledgeable package handling equipment specialists to learn more.