Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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Palace Packaging Machines Inc.  got its start from a love of machinery.  (The name PALACE is tribute to the family member owned restaurant that helped fund our start in 1986)

Since 1986 Palace Packaging Machines has controlled its growth and now supplies feeding & unscrambling machinery around the world.  30 countries so far.  The Taraschi family continues to own and operate the business from its 34,000 sq. ft. facility on 6-1/2 acres in the Philadelphia suburb of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Everything needed to design, build, and test the machines is within the building so Palace has 100% control of the quality of every component going into a Palace machine.

Our focus is on feeding, unscrambling, and pre-feeding systems. Palace works with many other equipment manufactuers who require our vast experience with automatic feeding systems and unscrambling applications.


"49 of the 50" US States (1,000's) & Puerto Rico (60+),  

Australia,  Argentina,  Brazil,  Canada (100+),  China (30+),  Columbia, 

Denmark,  England (16),  France,  Germany,  Ghana,  India (14),  Indonesia, 

Israel,  Italy,  Jordan,  Jamaica,  Japan, S. Korea,  Malaysia (8), 

Mexico (60+),  New Zealand,  Nigeria,  Panama,  Saudi Arabia,

South Africa (20+), Taiwan, Trinidad,  Turkey,

Vietnam,  Venezuela,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe.

CLIENTS include:

3M,  4C Foods,  Abbott Labs,  Activis,  African Petroleum,  AIDS Healthcare Foundation,  Alberto, 

Allen-Bradley,  Allergan,  Aloe Vera,  Amerisource Bergen,  Amgen,  Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Amway,  ANSA,  Apotex, 

Astra Zeneca,  Avon,  Barcardi,  Bardahl Oil,  BASF,  Bayer,  Becton Dickenson,  Ben & Jerry's, Better Body Foods,

Bigelow Tea,  bio-Merieux,  Blue Apron, Bristol Myers,  Brown Foreman,  Canandaigua Wine,  Campbell's Soup, 

Canadian Ministry - Milk Board,  Church & Dwight,  Coca-Cola,  Carolina Beer,  Courtalds Aerospace,

CB Fleet,  Clos du Bois,  Cosmair,  Covidien,  Catalent,  Chevron,  Ciba-Corning,  Conair,  Con-Agra, Cutex,  CRC Industries,  CVS-

Caremark, Deco Art,  De-Zhang Pharma,  Dixon Ticonderoga,  Eisai,  Eli Lilly, 

Elmer's,  Exxon,  Express Scripts,  FActors Group, Farouk,  Federal Mogul,  Fetzer,  Fisher Nut,  Fisher Scientific, 

Florida Marine Research,  Florida Fruit Juices,  Forty Creek,  Fosters,  Galderma,  Giant Eagle,  Graham Pkg,  GSK, 

Garr Tool,  US Health & Human Services,  Ha-Er-Bin,  Herbalife,  Hershey,  Hewlett Packard,  Highbury Canco, 

Isotomix,  Janssen,   J & J,   Jason Natural,  Kendall-Jackson,  Kraft Foods,  Kroger,  Lifoam,  Littelfuse,  Loctite, 

L'Oreal,  Lucerne Foods, Lyons Magnus,  Mars,  Makplast,  Marzetti,  McCormick Spice,  McIlhenny Co., 

McKesson,  McNeil,  Medco,  Merck, Meridian Vineyards,   Mobil,  Nabisco,  Nestle,  Nam-Yang Dairy,  Neogen, 

NEPCO,  Normandie Foods,  Novartis,  Ortho,  PEZ Candy,  Pepsi,  Perrigo,  Pfizer,  Phillip Morris,  Platex,  P & G, 

Publix,  Red Devil,  Revlon,  Roche,  Rhone-Poulenc Rorer,  Rice's Honey,  Robert Mondavi Wines,  Rug Doctor,  

Safeway Foods,  Sanofi,  Sanford Corp,   Scentsational Candles,  SKB,  Sergeants Pet Care,  Seagram,  Shiseido, 

Siemens,  Sioux Honey,  Smitty's Supply,  Steris,  Smucker's, Snyder's of Hanover,   Sun Pharma,  Sonnendal Dairies, 

Spice-It Foods,  Swanson,  Sweetheart Cup,  Taro Pharma, Teva,  Treasury Wines,  Trepko,  TRW Automotive, 

US Tobacco,   US Navy,   US Veteran's Affairs,  US Air Force,   Valvoline,  VPX Sprots,   Walgreens,  

Walmart,   Zippo,  ZD Wines